Disneyland Picture Analysis

In this picture or gif, is Sleeping Beauty’s castle during the fireworks show. Many fireworks are being shot into the sky simultaneously. They leave behind a trail of smoke as they launch into the clear night sky. On both sides of Sleeping Beauty’s castle are fireworks that sparkle when they explode. While behind the castle, the firework explodes into a giant ball that slowly glitters as it falls down. With all these fireworks and noise during the fireworks show, there is no way anyone could take their eyes off this spectacular moment. From the looks of it, the fireworks seem to be a color of red or pink and blue colors. The light in the castle’s windows can be seen even with all the flashing lights. There are trees below in the right and left bottom corner. They seem to be a good distance from the falling embers of the fireworks. With all the lights from the fireworks, you could probably see but also hear the them from miles away. The fireworks show is definitely one of the main highlights of Disneyland and hopefully will continue to be a tradition.


Disneyland Foods

©Foodbeast / Dominique Zamora                                     

Disneyland is well known for their Disney characters but don’t forget about their wide food selection. Foods that range from sweet sugar powdered beignets to savory lobster rolls. Depending on your location at Disneyland, there are different types of foods you can buy. For example, you can only get the powdered beignets at New Orleans Square, Jazz Kitchen, or Mint Julep Bar. While you can only get the lobster rolls at Harbour Galley and Critter Country. Although Disneyland is known for having good food, they have a hefty price tag. A churro costs $4 which could be seen as expensive when you can get one for about $1 at Costco. But this is no surprise to anyone who has been to Disneyland. An admission ticket costs almost $100 so food being priced that high at an amusement park isn’t that awful. I hope one day I’ll be able to try every single food item they have Disneyland. In my opinion, my favorite food item at Disneyland would have to be the Clam Chowder Bread Bowl. I love clam chowder and the fact that I can eat my bowl is pretty amazing. Another one of their popular items is the Dole whip. It was only available at Disneyland but now is offered in a store in San Francisco but it’s not from the same provider for Disneyland. Nonetheless, no matter what you get at Disneyland, most likely you won’t be disappointed.

Disneyland is like a totalitarian government?!

©Movie Plot

Disneyland in some aspects is a totalitarian government like the one seen in the novel, 1984. Disneyland is known to be very strict on their rules for their Disney characters and the roles they play. Disneyland characters are to never be out of character and go through special training for their jobs. In a way, it is similar to how the Party trains Junior Spies to do their job of listening for possible rebels. In the novel 1984, the Party and Big Brother manipulated history in their favor so that the people would believe that they are living in better conditions than before the Revolution of the Party. Similar to the Party, Disneyland has some “secrets” that they want to keep hidden in order to keep their reputation as the happiest place on earth. Actual events that happened such as the Haunted Mansion actually containing the ashes of real bodies which were scattered around the park by loved ones. Security is actually know to look for piles of ashes or fragments of bones that could possibly be of human remain. Also, it is said that when Disneyland first opened the skulls in the Pirates of the Caribbean were actual real ones that were extras from UCLA Medical School. However, they have since been replaced with fake ones but its said that the one under the headboard is real. There are way more rumors and secrets about Disneyland but we can’t be sure since they are usually denied being true. Nonetheless, Disneyland is still a place where people are allowed to dream and use their imagination that isn’t controlled.

Disney’s Tomorrowland

Disneyland’s Tomorrowland has been an attraction there since it first opened. Recently, Tomorrowland was shut down temporarily for remodeling and upgrading. A little less than two weeks ago, visitors at Disneyland were able to view a 15-minute extended preview of the upcoming Disney movie Tomorrowland. From watching the trailer, I’m very excited for the movie that’s coming out next month and even stars George Clooney in it. This movie is in the sci-fi genre and also has action packed in. I remember going on the Tomorrowland rides especially the Star Wars experience. I wonder if they are going to keep some of the rides from before or completely change Tomorrowland. Plus, if they do change  lot of Tomorrowland, will it resemble a lot from the upcoming movie?


Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Sparkles With DIAMONDS?!

 ©Disney Parks

In preparation for Disney’s 60th anniversary celebration, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was revamped with thousands of faux-diamonds on its overlay. With this new overlay, the castle will sparkle like jewels in the day and stars at night all thanks to thousands of twinkling lights. I think that this project exemplifies how important and “all-out” Disney is going for their 60th Diamond celebration. The renovation of the castle started in the beginning of January and the final touches are expected to be done by May 13th. This is really cutting close to the day they officially kick off the celebration, which is on May 22. Even though Disneyland is starting their celebration on May 22, the theme park’s 60th opening anniversary is in July. It’s mind blowing how every single diamond put on the castle’s overlay would be hand glued and placed onto it. I think it shows how very detailed oriented and special the project is to Disney. I wonder how secure the faux-diamonds are on the castle’s overlay. Will they fall off or melt away due to California’s weather especially during the hot summers? I would think that they are very sturdy and would be able to withstand for a long time because it would be very tiresome and problematic if they had to maintain all the diamonds on the castle. However, at the end of the day I think that this renovation will draw in more attention to the beauty of the castle and give Disneyland a more magical feel to it. It was even rumored that the paint used on the castle was mixed with little specks of diamonds so that it would sparkle even more! I’m unsure of this claim but if it is true, then that is truly amazing and spectacular to literally diamond-ize almost all of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. I can’t wait to see the castle once all final touches for completed for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary.

Virtual Disneyland

©Jeff Grubb/Games Beat

Disney is considering re-creating it’s theme parks for virtual reality. Disney wants to provide an experience of visiting Disney theme parks for those who are unable to travel the long distance. Bei Yang, Disney’s imagineering creative technical design lead, is in charge of figuring out the virtual reality concepts. It is still too early for this to be released as consumer virtual reality to be used at the theme parks and at home. Bei Yang hopes to bring more simulated experiences into Disney parks. I think that this could be a great way to provide new attractions at the Disney parks. However, I don’t believe that many would spend money for the necessary electronics to explore virtual Disney parks. I think that Disney should just focus on providing new shows and experiences using virtual reality at the parks, not selling to consumers for at-home use. I thought this topic was very interesting since this is a new idea that could either be hit or miss with the buyers. I personally would rather visit Disneyland in person that through virtual reality. But on the other hand, I think that it would be interesting to visit the other Disney parks in places such as Paris, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Disney is well known for their animations but I don’t know how well they could do with creating a virtual Disneyland and be able to provide a realistic experience. I look forward to hearing news about new technology and renovations Disney is planning for future experiences at Disney parks.

Escape from Tomorrow


Escape from Tomorrow was a controversial movie/film because it was filmed at both Disneyland and Disney World without permission from The Walt Disney Company. The film crew had to use gorilla film making techniques to keep their filming undetected from the park’s security by using hand held video cameras like visitors at the parks. This movie was released in theaters and video on-demand on October 11, 2013. This film is a horror fantasy movie that is about a man who is on vacation with his family and discovers the dark secrets of Disney World. The movie put a bad view on Disney’s motto of being the happiest place on Earth. I saw a part of the film and thought that the plot of story and it’s contents weren’t very impressive. However, I’m surprised by the locations they were able to film without being noticed. The Walt Disney Company didn’t try to suppress the movie from being released, instead they just ignored it. I think that they believed the movie wouldn’t have a big impact on peoples’ views on the Disney company. I thought it was interesting how they edited the video to have a old film kind of style with black and white scenes. The movie did have an eerie feeling to it but didn’t really give you goosebumps. If I had to choice to go watch this movie in theaters, I wouldn’t watch it because I feel that it would’ve had an amateur movie style. So my final views on this film is that it was very attention-grabbing for being filmed illegally at Disneyland and Disney World. However because of it’s unimpressive storyline, the film was not a big hit in my opinion.